reCAPTCHA helps to detect abusive traffic on your site without any user friction. It returns a score based on interactions with your site and provides more flexibility to take the appropriate actions.


Very first thing you need to do is register your website on Google reCAPTCHA. It is very simple and fast and you will do it in 2 minutes. To do this click here.

You will have to log in to a Google account, do that.

After logging in with your account and seeing the reCAPCTHA panel, just fill out the form:

  • Label: Use a bookmark to make it easier to identify the site in the future.
  • reCAPCTHA type: Select the v3 option (v2 will not work).
  • Domains: Enter your website address (Example: yoursite.com)
  • Owners: Keep your email address.

Accept the terms of service and click the SEND button. Once submitted, Google will provide you with the following two information:

Site key / Secret key

Return to your WordPress dashboard, go to Theme Settings > General Settings and enable reCAPTCHA in the tab Features.

Enter the keys you generated in the respective fields, “Site key” and “Secret key”.

Enable “Badge” if you wish. This will cause the reCAPTCHA logo to be displayed at the bottom of your website. We recommend that you do not enable this, in order not to damage the overall design of the site.

Save the settings.