The import of demo content, known as One Click Demo Import is an incredible feature that allows you to obtain the complete content that you see in the demos of the theme with just one click.

With Leverage you have this functionality available when installing the One  Click Demo Import plugin which is recommended along with the required plugins.

Importing Content

From the dashboard go to Appearance » Import Demo Data.

Leverage has 2 builders, so you be aware of which one is best for you.

The difference is quite simple:

– Do you like to customize everything? Then choose the Elementor Demos.

– Do you want something simple to build your website, without the need for additional plugins? Then choose the Classic Demos.

Then, on the Preferred Demo, click on the Import Demo button.

Important notices will be displayed, and a list for you to check the plugins included with the theme and the suggested plugins. All have been validated by our team and are reliable and recommended for your website.

At the bottom of the page, click Continue and Import, wait for the import to complete.

When importing the data, note the following details:

If you are going to use Elementor it is very important that you disable Default Colors and Default Fonts in the Elementor Settings so that you get the look of the theme.

The Design & Color of the theme will be replaced by the design of the selected demo.

Forms and Footer will be imported as long as you have not yet configured them.

Posts, pages, images, videos, widgets, menus and other theme settings will get imported and set as the Homepage and Posts Page in Reading Settings. No data will be removed and you can import as many times as you like.

Import errors are caused by your web server’s inability. See Import Issues for more details.

If an error occurs during the import, it is usually because your server does not meet the minimum requirements.

The time taken to complete the import will depend on the speed of your internet connection. On average it takes 5 to 10 minutes, be patient and do not refresh the page during import.

Choosing your home page and the posts page

After a successful demo import, Demo 1 will be set as your home page, but you can change that easily. From the Dashboard go to Settings » Reading and select the pages of your choice in “Your homepage displays”.