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20+ Pre-built Websites

Allow yourself to have the most amazing website ever. Your customer will love it.

Form Validation

Save time with ready-to-use forms with Google reCAPCTHA validation and mail send.

GDPR Ready

It is now required! Warn visitor that your site uses cookies and complies with GDPR.

Everything you need to save time

Main features

Leverage has a lot of ready-made content that you can easily publish.
If you are looking for something that will shorten your working time, you have just found it.

Perfect Responsive

Works perfectly on all screen sizes. Documented and ready to use.

Nice Typography

All elements have adequate sizes without breaking the layout.

Multi-Step Form

With a multi-step form, visitors feel more willing to submit a request.

Form Validation

With PHP Ready to Use. You just need to set where to send it.

User Login Forms

If you are building a platform that needs this functionality.

Plans ans Pricing

For companies that offer services and charge monthly fees.

Incredible Carousel

Display anything with a stunning design. Your customer will love it.